"Intriguing and definitely inspires curiosity."


   "Love your set-up. You’ve created two well-matched characters."


   "Nicely drawn scenes. Good word choices to paint the picture."


   "You’ve a well-developed historical voice. A trait I envy."


   "Enjoyable plot with good pacing. Keeps the reader turning the page."


   "Conflict between the H/H is such that it engages the reader."


   "The dialogue is well done and distinctive to each character."


   "This is well written, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it."


   "Excellent! Well written and polished! Great pacing!"


   "You are obviously a talented writer with a great historical voice."


   "The scene with the hero in the water was particularly well done."


   "I like the heroine’s spunk."


   "The suspense was excellent. Conflict well laid out. I really liked it."


   "Heroine’s snappy comebacks are super! Hero appears dashing!"


   "Your story is really good."


   "A well prepared manuscript."


   "Even the prologue was catchy and draws the reader in. Author used all the senses."


   "A clear picture of a strong hero. Heroine is very real. Lots of conflict."


   "A cold, threatening sea is very well done. A good story telling voice."


   "I’m hooked! The characters and setting are great. A good read."


   "Really enjoyed your entry. I like your voice."




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